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  1. adaka terfa says :Reply

    Beautiful art works

  2. Deborah Jonathan says :Reply

    Woah…. An Ugly Head is truly a monster that has bedeviled the world at large. Art representation and Science intervention will help us fight and surely bring an end to this Ugly Head (Convid 19).
    All the best.

  3. John T. Vembela says :Reply

    This is really exceptional.

    1. Jennifer Uzoji says :Reply

      Dr. Okewu Jonathan’s artwork depicts the misery that the COVID 19 pandemic brought and therefore underlines the importance of adhering to all the corona virus preventive protocols.

  4. Obida David Sunday says :Reply

    Okewu Jonathan is a fantastic Artists

  5. Deborah Jonathan says :Reply

    Ugly Head is indeed a monster bedeviling the world at Art and Science Intervention will sure create a solution.
    #SANTHE #Covid19 #ARTmeetsSCIENCE

    1. Nyaga Alfred Kanu says :Reply

      The work is exceptional and the message therein well delivered

  6. Enock Emmanuel Goler says :Reply

    Fantastic artistic work with a wonderful text that depicts the problem facing the whole world.

  7. Beniah Adikwu says :Reply

    I am impressed with the artistic simplicity and yet profound expression which is in tandem with our current reality. The “Ugly head” by Okewu Jonathan is my pick for this vote.

  8. Egwurube Jeremiah Emmanuel says :Reply

    Good work of Art keep it up

  9. Joy says :Reply

    Simply beautiful !
    This is a creative reminder of Covid-19 that makes light the devastating effect of the ugly headed virus.
    For me, the significance of this art piece lies in the beauty of arts to communicate the resilient
    spirit of mankind.

  10. Celestina says :Reply

    I love the work and want it to go places because of what it entails…

  11. Akogwu, Christiana Enubi says :Reply

    Message: These are breathtaking. Great artistic work.

  12. Egwurube Jeremiah Emmanuel says :Reply

    Nice work I love it all.

  13. Akogwu Christiana Enubi says :Reply

    Message: These are great artistic works of art.

  14. Akogwu Christiana Enubi says :Reply

    Message: Great artistic work.

  15. CHARLES DALLA says :Reply

    This is quite apt, thoughtful and highly commendable depicting the ugly situation faced by all humanity. An excellent presentation here. # youwin bravo !!

  16. Akogwu Christiana Enubi says :Reply

    Message: they are awesome.

    1. Dr Suzan Dingba Anthony says :Reply

      Quite a captivating and highly philosophical piece…

  17. Favoured says :Reply

    Inspirational, well done!

  18. Ezekiel Ayiwulu says :Reply

    Great artistic work! Your work has spoken loudly.

  19. Inyang Martins says :Reply

    Dr Jonathon Okewu is a prolific, beyond the stars Ceramist.
    He’s always stunning the art world with incredible creativity, making his viewers ask for more.
    His recent depiction of the symbolism of the corona pandemic could not have been less accurate in thought, beautiful to the view, wonderful to the mind and ofcourse challenging to research.
    I appreciate his works greatly.

  20. Inyang Martins says :Reply

    The top only is where he belongs.

  21. Benjamin Akwe Orogu says :Reply

    Beautiful work

  22. Maina Ruth says :Reply


  23. Aleruchi Chuku says :Reply

    Ugly head, Ugly disease but beautiful artwork. Unique illustration of science through Art. Weldone Okewu

  24. Adejor says :Reply

    Great art work

  25. Okoye Godwin says :Reply

    Wow…Great artistic work by Okewu Jonathan

  26. Maji Jamilu says :Reply

    OJ is a talented artist. Please, keep the good work moving…

  27. Godwin Obande says :Reply

    The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is undoubtedly, an ugly phenomenon the world will certainly recover from, but might never forget. This piece is a beautiful work of art – a assurance of victory for humanity and a reminder of the enormous power inherent in working together.

  28. Godwin Obande says :Reply

    The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is undoubtedly, an ugly phenomenon the world will certainly recover from, but might never forget. This piece is a beautiful work of art – an assurance of victory for humanity and a reminder of the enormous power inherent in working together.

  29. Simon Yakubu says :Reply

    What a creative and motivated work. Keep it up Mr Jonathan.Nice

  30. Joseph Omojola says :Reply

    The ugly head that send everyone scampering for safety, the ugly head that is forcing a new normal us. The ugly head that force us to cover our beautiful faces with a mask. Ugly head indeed.

  31. Okewu Emmanuel says :Reply

    … art as a solution to medical condition

  32. Victor Dugga says :Reply

    Very expressionistic…

  33. Orole Olukayode says :Reply

    The ugly head showed the cannage witness as a result of the covid 19 pandemic. The scouge ravage the whole world which the head depicted. Bravo bro

  34. Emmanuel Yohanna says :Reply

    An excellent craft in educating people about coronavirus

  35. James okogbaa says :Reply

    I’m impressed with your characterization of the virus as an “ugly head”. This characterization is very deep and has helped us appreciate the problems occasioned by the pervasiveness and virulence of this invisible enemy of the entire world. Congratulations

  36. Sunday Orinya says :Reply

    Jonathan’s work inspires deep reflection.

  37. Nyan Blessed Lah says :Reply

    They are owesome

  38. Gloria Udofia says :Reply

    This is absolutely exceptional, covid- 19 the ugly head that has crippled the economy of the world and made world’s best health system unreliable. We’re hopeful that in due time we shall conquer this ugly head.

  39. 'Seun says :Reply

    Awesome and laudable artistic presentation. All the best Bro!

  40. Abimbola Oladiran says :Reply

    A monster head that will be conquered soon is depicted here!

  41. Ugo Elizabeth Aundu says :Reply

    Beautiful artwork.

  42. Dr. Akinboboye Joseph Taiwo says :Reply

    Good artwork. I wish you the best.

    1. Ene B Adoda says :Reply

      Well thought out work. Weldon

  43. Micah Namo says :Reply

    Great art work here !

  44. Comfort Musa says :Reply

    Wow! This art work is magnificent.

  45. Johnson Bamikole says :Reply

    Great job!
    The artistic work spoke loud and clear

  46. Johnson Bamikole says :Reply

    This expression can only come from a genius 👍

  47. Ozomata Bashir says :Reply

    Beautifully decorated well finished art work encapsulating the dreded pandemic, covid 19 with a clear message of its implication on Africa and the world at large. I do appreciate his research work, it is a great work…

  48. Ella says :Reply

    This is Amazing. A great Art by a great Artist

  49. Saratu says :Reply

    Yeah that’s exactly wat we are expressed wit covid 29

  50. Saratu Franklin says :Reply

    Great work

  51. Halima Amali says :Reply

    A very impressive work of art. It conveys the monster in the COVID 19 pandemic. I rate it top class.

  52. Shadrack Samuel says :Reply

    Nice artwork

  53. Mustapha H. Idiaro says :Reply

    An excellent piece that explains Covid 19 through artwork. Welldone.

  54. Choice says :Reply

    Evil monster
    Devilish one!
    Evil creation!
    Monster head!

  55. Dr. Fidelis Ochim says :Reply

    Great work, a genius

  56. Prof Idris Amali says :Reply

    A great work of arts. It’s a careful work with complex Composition and meaning and messages.

  57. Faith says :Reply

    Beautiful Art work

  58. egonwa dennis says :Reply

    I like to be involved in your future projects

  59. Clementina Clement says :Reply

    Indeed no one want an ugly head
    This piece is a clear representation of art and science

  60. Prof. Ibrahim A. Sodangi says :Reply

    Good thoughts penned down in an artistic style

  61. Haruna Maidoki says :Reply

    Civid 19 has done a lot of damage to social life of the society, but we give kudos to the scientific effort to find solution to it.

  62. Maryamu says :Reply


  63. Peace says :Reply

    Indeed is an ugly head. This art work is great.

  64. Peter Sule says :Reply

    An ugly head from Wuhan

  65. David Odiba says :Reply

    Very apt work with clarity of message expression. Thank you for this artistic information sir

  66. James O Ogbaji says :Reply

    This is incredible. Art in its simplest form. Kudos

  67. Esther Gbaden says :Reply

    Keeping up with the currents. Beautiful art piece, ugly head indeed.
    The artists has done great and is concise on the subject Matter.

  68. Quite a captivating and highly philosophical piece…

  69. Mercy G Haruna says :Reply

    The ugly head is an executional work. It creates the ugly images of the dreaded Covid 19 that help viewers understand the sinister nature of the virus.

  70. Blessing Y says :Reply

    It’s really an ugly head that Nigeria and the world at large must do everything in our powers to eradicate covid-19.

  71. Nice work by Dr Jonathan Ebute Okewu

  72. Waow!!! This is extremely creative

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