23 Comments to “ Nadia Wamunyu:”

  1. Baji says :Reply

    love your art Nadia

    1. Ali Mwangola says :Reply

      Nice piece, especially in these times

  2. Sophie says :Reply

    Continue to thrive in your art Nadia! Bravo

  3. Suzzy kubz says :Reply

    Great work Nadia

  4. Suzzy kubz says :Reply

    Nadia your art is amazing

  5. Mercy Gichengi says :Reply

    Great art!

  6. Wamunyu Kamau says :Reply

    Marvelous piece of art

  7. Naitiemu says :Reply

    Your piece is mysterious and captivating Nadia!

    1. Shadia says :Reply

      May Allah continue bless the work of your hands Nadia 😘 So proud of you.

  8. Dennis Ngei says :Reply

    Wonderful work Nadia

  9. Dennis Ngei says :Reply

    Excellent work Nadia

  10. aswaduhuru says :Reply

    Stay strong…love your message

  11. aswaduhuru says :Reply

    Love your message and focus

  12. Tiya Minawa says :Reply

    You continue to produce truly captivating pieces Nadia. I always look forward to seeing new work from you. Well done!

  13. Ken says :Reply

    Beautiful piece Nadia. So proud of you.

  14. Ijakaa says :Reply

    All the best Naddz

  15. Lydiah Dola says :Reply

    Love your artwork Nadia. It speaks volumes.

  16. Tom Siambey says :Reply

    Your art documents topical issues, eg, covid-19, so well. Keep it up

  17. Mina Minawa says :Reply

    Well done Nadia, thumbs up for communicating, inspiring and motivating the masses through arts. Bravo!!!

  18. Koki says :Reply

    Amazing arts

  19. Wanjiru says :Reply

    Great work Nadia

  20. Vanisha Munsamy says :Reply

    This piece to me has such a double meaning. During the pandemic , gender based violence is on the rise. To me it represents one using the mask for protection as well as women being silenced during this time.

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