23 Comments to “ Credo Boris:”

  1. Mbabazi Arsene says :Reply

    #credo is awesome

    1. Cyuzuzo Fulgence says :Reply

      Wow this is The nice one

    2. Harera Bonita says :Reply

      It’s cool

  2. Ngoga Honore says :Reply

    Mr Credo Boris, I really appreciate your art work becouse of what it’s telling us to do. And I wish you all the best!

  3. Credo…. This artwork is awesome! Keep it up! U’re genious

  4. Nsinzi christian says :Reply

    Credo is creative.

  5. Rugero sernin says :Reply

    Woow,It’s wonderful art keep your attention.

  6. Dushimire Paterne says :Reply

    Credo is on another level 🙌🏼
    keep it up

  7. Harera Bonita says :Reply

    This is nice work it keeps us in hope that this covid 19 will end soon

  8. Tuyizere says :Reply

    Credo Boris is the best artist ilike on the whole world

    1. Tuyizere says :Reply

      Credo Boris is the best artist ilike in the world

  9. Nur says :Reply

    You are a great talented artist! Your artworks are always coming good for both mind&soul.
    I believe the power of your art will spread around day by day…

  10. Ishimwe gad says :Reply

    @credo Boris amazing one,
    nice work

  11. ROMEO IRADUKUNDA says :Reply

    Nice one

  12. Eric says :Reply

    Message:nice and inspiring

  13. Ndayisaba pacifique says :Reply

    Great work to Credo Boris its soon nice

  14. Byiringiro Sam says :Reply

    Wooow this is amazing,nice work
    It enspired me alot though you improved my understanding in this days!!

  15. isingizwe alain says :Reply

    This artist tried to look far. Which good.

  16. isingizwe alain says :Reply

    He did really good things. He look beyond.

  17. egide says :Reply

    Message:credo is very talented

  18. Eugene says :Reply

    Congratulation in fighting covid-19 and it’s against.i would like to wish you a fomuses in your fightings

  19. Benite says :Reply

    Really amazing….so keep it up because you can ! Very nice work Credo!!!

  20. Bonne Annee says :Reply

    Harera Credo Boris the smart artist yeah you made it,l hope you’re bringing something new to us Africans and the World of art generally

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