Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a global health emergency. The Sub-Saharan African Network for TB/HIV Research Excellence (SANTHE) put together a group of scientists from a range of disciplines with an interest in SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19, and a group of young African creatives. The aim was for the individuals to participate in interactive discussions to help navigate through the current global COVID-19 'infodemic' in order to produce artistic masterpieces based on the virus and the disease.

It is hoped that through this initiative, the creatives involved will have a greater appreciation of the science surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. SANTHE also anticipates that our scientists and other scientists, by listening to the creatives’ opinions and perceptions of the science of COVID-19, may use this information to influence future scientific research and scientific and policy communication efforts.

We invite you to view these awe-inspiring efforts, to vote for your favourite artists, and to join in on the discussion to inspire further constructive engagement.

Wadzanai Chranga:

I am Wadzanai Charanga. I am from Gweru, Zimbabwe  and live in a high density suburb called Mambo. I stay with my parents and my two sisters. l have been drawing from an early age and last year pursued art as a field of study.  My artwork is an expression of the pain and hurt
Geoffrey Murugami Quantined Reveries

Geoffrey Murugami:

QUARANTINE REVERIES I am Geoffrey Murugami. I’m a 21-year-old student from a small farming village in central Kenya. We are a close-knit bunch and there are few things we hold as valuable as a good story, well told. When I was young, my parents realised that I had myopia and got me my first pair
Kevin Kambere

Kevin Kambere:

PUT IT ON RIGHT My name is Kevin Kambere – a 22-year-old Ugandan born and living in the country’s capital city, Kampala.  Kambere is not your ordinary Ugandan guy, he fell in love with art a few years back and he hasn’t looked back since. I am open-minded and always up for new knowledge. I am
Jonathan Okewu AN UGLY HEAD

Okewu Jonathan:

AN UGLY HEAD Okewu Jonathan is my name, born in 1983. I live in Lafia, the capital of Nasarawa State, Nigeria. I am an academician with the Federal University of Lafia. I have been trained at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as a ceramic artist. I teach ceramics and art related courses at university level and

Luvo Khwehla:

ITHEMBA ALIBULALI LIYAPHILISA I am Luvo khwehla – a 23-year-old emerging artist from Cape Town in Khayelitsha. I recently graduated at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) with a diploma in Graphic Design – but my passion is in arts. My artworks are inspired by the issues we face in the township and also
Fatima Haq Fiery Resurgence

Fatima Haq:

FIERY RESURGENCE |HOPELESSLY HOPEFUL My name is Fatima Haq and I am 27-years-old. I live in Mayfair, Johannesburg. I am part of  a family of six, so it’s always a full house. Having a highly inquisitive mind, I am always in search of new knowledge and discovering new things. I was in the 6th grade when
Zakia Salod

Zakia Salod:

THE GLOBAL RACE TOWARDS A COVID-19 VACCINE IN THE MIDST OF THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN THE YEAR 2020 My name is Zakia Salod. I am 30-years-old and live in Durban, South Africa. I am a software developer, medical informatics scientist, data scientist, researcher, author, a born artist and a philanthropist. My purpose of life
Natoa Rasolonjatovo

Natoa Rasolonjatovo:

COURAGE I am Natoa Rasolonjatovo. I am 24-years-old and live in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Coming from a family of artists, I naturally immersed myself in drawing. I started my journey at the age of 9. My artistic identity came by accidentally discovering painting on glass. Recently I presented another dimension of my
ImStaying September2020 By ClaireDongo Entry

Claire Dongo:

COVID UNITES My name is Claire Dongo. I’m a Zimbabwean currently living in South Africa, working on my PhD in Digital Art as well as lecturing part-time. I’m a multi-talented digital artist with over 15 years’ of working experience in the digital media/arts industry and 12 years’ of teaching. I’m extremely passionate about animation and
Tian Zietsman Not The End

Tian Zietsman:

NOT THE END I am Tian Zietsman. I am from Welkom in the Free State, South Africa, and study graphic design! As a young and new designer it is my mission to use my talents in a manner that makes the world a brighter place, with fresh, fun and innovative designs. Not only do I consider