Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a global health emergency. The Sub-Saharan African Network for TB/HIV Research Excellence (SANTHE) put together a group of scientists from a range of disciplines with an interest in SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19, and a group of young African creatives. The aim was for the individuals to participate in interactive discussions to help navigate through the current global COVID-19 'infodemic' in order to produce artistic masterpieces based on the virus and the disease.

It is hoped that through this initiative, the creatives involved will have a greater appreciation of the science surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. SANTHE also anticipates that our scientists and other scientists, by listening to the creatives’ opinions and perceptions of the science of COVID-19, may use this information to influence future scientific research and scientific and policy communication efforts.

We invite you to view these awe-inspiring efforts, to vote for your favourite artists, and to join in on the discussion to inspire further constructive engagement.

Agaba Solomon Peabo:

A PERPLEXED  CONTOUR OF COVID ERA My name is Agaba Solomon Peabo and I am a photographer based in Uganda. I started photography after I lost my mother as I wanted to tell my stories and feelings to the world. To me photography is more than just creating art or taking photos – it’s leaving

Dumisani Jere:

UNTITLED POST 19 I am Dumisani “Devolutionery / D_JER3” Jere – a contemporary artist born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1991. I studied at the Open Window Institute, an independent art and digital sciences school-based in Pretoria.  I obtained a BA Degree in Visual Communication Design​ in 2017. My work draws inspiration from Afrocentric mythology
Ajok Brenda Obong

Ajok Brenda:

15 MINUTES OF PHARMING: A PODCAST WHERE SCIENCE MEETS CREATIVITY& COVID-19 SPECIAL: COPING IN A PANDEMIC, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW My name is Ajok Brenda Obong and I am a science journalist in Uganda. I have a podcast called “15 Minutes of Farming” on Google Podcasts. I live among the friendliest people in the

Nicol Gqeza:

Frozen Time-lapse My name is Nicol Gqeza. I am a 17-year-old, born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. With a Xhosa mother and an Austrian father, identity was something I struggled with growing up and I coped with this by delving deep into arts and culture. It helped me to better understand the way

Linda Indosio:

SLAYING THE COVID-19 DRAGON TOGETHER I am Linda Indosio, a mathematics and physics teacher by profession and an artist by passion – although I want art to be my full-time career in future. I am a Kenyan residing in Vihiga county, Kenya. I am passionate about helping the less privileged in society and I believe
Basaija Baguma Joshua

Basaija Baguma Joshua:

THE PANDEMART2 I am Basaija Baguma Joshua aka @tjoshuabaguma – a Grade 12 student at Fort Portal Secondary School in Fort Portal Tourism City, Uganda. I live with Dad who raised me as a single parent. I am 16-years-old. I have no job but stay home doing chores and art – off which I try
Sinazo Gamedala

Sinazo Gamedala:

USUYITHOLILE My name is Sinazo Gamedala. I am a 22-year-old female naturalista. I have been growing my locks for seven years now. I was born and raised in Lamontville, Durban (Kwazulu-Natal) in South Africa, but my parents are originally from KwaBhaca in the Eastern Cape. I am currently residing in Pietermaritzburg for school purposes. I
Chiedza Dziruni

Chiedza Dziruni:

APOLOGIES My name is Chiedza Dziruni. I’m 17 and live in Johannesburg. I like science and math and although I don’t take art at school, I still really love it. I am a huge KPOP fan and in my spare time, I draw portraits of my favourite idols. KPOP is a genre of popular music

Imbabarire Joel:

TOGETHER FOR HANDLING COVID-19 My name is Imbabarire Joel. I’m 22-years-old and live in the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali. My birth area is Musanze, the small town located in the northern province of Rwanda. It’s here that I grew up with my talent, through drawing geography and science figures for my classmates when I
Nantege Rhona

Rhona Nantege:

HEADLINES My name is Rhona Nantege. That’s it – no cool nicknames whatsoever. I was born and raised in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, the place I call home. As a left-handed person (allegedly known as very creative), I am both a visual and performance artist and as cliché as it sounds, art is who