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  1. Aggrey Michael says :Reply

    Good work Brian.Your work is vivid and sends out a clear message of this pandemic.

  2. Muthoni says :Reply


  3. Geoffrey James omwocha says :Reply

    the artist has given me hope in overcoming this pandemic of covid 19 keep it up Brian

  4. Muthoni says :Reply

    And well expressed

  5. Geoffrey James omwocha says :Reply

    This artist Brian has given me hope in overcoming this pandemic of covid 19 keep it up Brian

  6. Humphrey says :Reply

    I find Brian Omwocha’s story very inspiring,,, I vote for him

  7. Humphrey says :Reply

    The drawing has impacted my covid 19 awareness, thanks to him I have hope for a better tomorrow

  8. Sheila wangari says :Reply

    I love the fact that this artist is giving us hope for a new dawn through the sunset 👍

  9. Prince VIP says :Reply

    I like his work it’s unique and vibrant

  10. Prince VIP says :Reply

    Thank you

  11. Jackson Ondiba says :Reply

    Very relevant and topical

  12. Abel Kaikai says :Reply

    Wish you the very best in your artistic art.

  13. Renah says :Reply

    Great piece.

  14. Abel Kaikai says :Reply

    I vote you

  15. Dominic says :Reply

    That is great arts let’s support our talent

  16. Dominic says :Reply

    Brian omwacha that is great

  17. Wachera mumbi says :Reply

    Brian Omwancha,,,thats some good job.,,very simple art with so much meaning.I love it

  18. Belindah says :Reply


  19. J.Y. says :Reply

    Art is a language few people understand. The artistry in Brian Omwocha’s drawing speaks for itself. Amazing 👌.

  20. Belindah says :Reply

    Great painting

  21. Peterson Mairura says :Reply

    This is really nice…i love your art young man

  22. Eunice says :Reply

    Very nice,go on explore your talent

  23. Elinah says :Reply

    He is a very dedicated man with passion

  24. Chichi says :Reply

    Your art us amazing.

  25. Leonidah onsongo says :Reply

    Nice work

  26. Kevin Kimori says :Reply

    What a story in the form of art! Awesome stuff.

  27. Audrey says :Reply

    This is a beautiful message,, the man clearly portrays how heavy this pandemic has been on our shoulders.. i long for a new dawn🌅

  28. Woow… what a wonderful painting Brian Omwocha. Your artwork speaks volumes. You are the greatest painter of our time.

  29. Dolphine Bosibori Oyaro says :Reply

    Nice work done, wishing you all the best in this as you inspire,motivate and educate people using art.

  30. violet says :Reply

    awesome painting with great message

  31. Evans says :Reply

    How fantastic Brian, well done, very impressed with your creativity.

  32. Emmah bitutu says :Reply

    Cuzo. Nice work..let’s keep art going

  33. Emmah bitutu says :Reply

    If..we cannot get the message through our Ears…then our eyes can read as our minds..
    Think big..Good work.. Brian…

  34. Bahati says :Reply

    I see hope

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